Flying over the Great Barrier Reef
Head down action above the clouds at Tight Ass
Running an angle with Hinchinbrook Island in the background
Flying the perfect pattern towards the Dunk Island spit
An 8-way flying smoothly above Tully at the ABW event
Flying home at sunrise is next level
Some of the ABW crew after a jump onto Dunk Island
Am angle running through clouds at Tight Ass
Enjoying the view over Taylor Cay
Cay day smiles say it all
An early morning formated load above the clouds at Tully
Mission Beach is one of the most pristine of landing areas
A nice formation over Dunk Island with Michael on camera recording the action
The Wade's showing us how it's done
A sunrise formated load over Tully at the ABW event
Sunrise angle at Tight Ass
Flocking above the clouds in the tropics
Living legends coaching at Tight Ass
Preparing for a hybrid
Glassy conditions for a jump over the family group of islands
Last light angle at Tight Ass
Sunset at Tully dropzone with tropical clouds building
Boardies and smiles over the family group of islands
Flying home over the spectaclular family group of islands
Tracking like a boss
Josh flying over the FNFF landing area at Tight Ass
The end of a CRW jump descending through the clouds at Tully
Completing a sunrise 4-way at Tight Ass
A jump onto Mission Beach with incoming weather behind Dunk
What clouds?
Taking a chunk off the plane in preparation for larger formations
Angle running through sunset at Tight Ass
Tom flying through the smoke flares
Building dual CRW stacks above the clouds at Tully
Purtaboi Island in the family group of islands
Mount Tyson is touched by the clouds at sunset
Smiles all round after a beautiful jump onto Dunk Island
Horny gorilla magic amidst boogie good times
Boardies and jersey jump above the family group of islands
Jumping into the beautiful Castaways resort at Mission Beach
Sunrise is a time of day made for skydiving
A few of the ABW crew after landing on Mission Beach
Our signature wind sock at the Tully dropzone
Flying over the ocean at Dunk Island is spectacular
Nailing an exit at the ABW event
Flying home above the amazing Tully landscape of cane fields and mountains
Building a cool little 9-way at Tight Ass
Under canopy above the beautiful Mission Beach
Building a formation at sunset
Camila's hooked after stage one
Mick Hardy
Watch Camila's very first skydive
Mick Hardy

Learn to skydive

We can train you to skydive with the industry leading Accelerated Free Fall course right here in North Queensland. You can stay in our camping ground at our club facility where you'll meet our members and be skydiving solo in your first week.
Before you know it, you'll progress through your licences and be running epic jumps with the crew.
Let's go skydiving!
Yes please
Anna ready for stage seven
Mick Hardy
Watch Anna nail her stage seven
Mick Hardy

Voices of content

Don't take our word for it. This is how our newest skydivers feel.
"From a misunderstanding to a life changing experience. Being part of a big crazy family full of people who know how to make the most out of life & support each other. Learning to skydive is an amazing journey & FNFF is the meeting point for the best humans around!"
"Doing my AFF at FNFF was an incredible experience. Not only are the instructors exceptionally knowledgeable, but they knew exactly how to mentally coach me and I will be forever grateful to them for getting me in the sky. It has been awesome to come back jumping this year and I have not stopped smiling since."
AFF at FNFF was an absolutely amazing experience. The instructors are exceptional and go above and beyond to ensure a fun, safe progression. Couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else! Thanks!
Thrills, beers, and endless unforgettable moments! You won’t regret it…
VFS with Airwax
Ewan Cowie
Solid 8-way right above the dropzone
Steve Fitchett
Perfect view of the sunrise over the islands
Cam Puttee

Boogies, events, camps
and courses

Far North Freefall hosts an impressive smorgasbord of events across all skydiving disciplines. Check out our event calendar and book your holidays.
We're running something for you.
Event calendar
Sunset CRW, don't mind if I do
Steve Fitchett
Magical run over Mission Beach
Cam Puttee
Chandelier onto Taylor Cay
Cam Puttee
For the locals
Chilling at sunset
Steve Fitchett
A friendly 4-way blast meet

Club weekends

Our club weekends are scheduled for the third weekend of every month. Come on down and join the family for some jumps together. We pride ourselves on supporting everyone of all levels and ensuring you have a buddy to jump with. Stay the whole weekend, camp at the dropzone and meet the crew. You're welcome.
Club weekends 2024
Students and novices

Student AFF training weeks

Our students are trained using the accelerated freefall (AFF) course. We train our first jump students over an entire week once a month. The ground school kicks off on Monday, but there are no jumping operations. From Tuesday onwards, the plane is running if the weather is suitable. Anyone can join us and help fill the aircraft. We operate all week. Each week of AFF is scheduled to flow into the club weekends so our course graduates can meet our members and be part of the fun we all take for granted.
AFF weeks 2024
Joshua ready for stage 7 AFF
Mick Hardy
Joshua tracking like a boss
Mick Hardy
Joel nails his recurrency exit!
Mick Hardy
Joel is officially current
Mick Hardy

Recurrency events

Recurrency camps cater for all our students and novices who may have missed out on jumping over the wet season. These weekends are aimed at consolidating and progressing students into novices and then towards their B licences. We focus on AFF, B-rels, 4-way blast and starcrests. These are designed for our beginners who haven't jumped for a while and feel the need to be back in the air. Dust off the cobwebs, remember how to leave an aircraft and have fun. We all need a little help with currency now and again.
Recurrency 2024

B-rel booster events

These are usually three-day events designed from the get go to help our novices attain their B licence. We charge a small registration fee, but this is recovered from the savings on just one coached jump. With generous support from the North Queensland Parachute Council, we try to cover slots for our coaches, which reduces the overall cost for our novices. For those who have their B licensce, we introduce the basics of 4-way competition. Everything is focused towards boosting the skill levels for our up-and-coming skydivers to ensure they feel welcome and confident on the ground and in the sky.
B-rel booster 2024
Fine tuning fall rate
Steve Fitchett
Building a sunrise 4-way
Steve Fitchett
In position to nail this starcrest
Steve Fitchett
Starcrest complete
Steve Fitchett

Starcrest weekends

A starcrest is required to jump together with more than ten people in the sky regardless of which discipline you are exploring. To attain a starcrest, you need to show us you can safely approach and build an eight to ten way. These weekends are focused on providing the support and coaching to help our B licence jumpers achieve this crest. When you're ready, this event is the one to attend. They're way more likely to work in this focused environment than at a boogie, where everyone is too busy to dedicate their time to the starcrests.
Starcrests 2024
Progression camps

Flocking camps

These events are aimed at jumpers who are looking to finesse their canopy piloting skills and gain more experience around the basics of canopy flocking. Camps are limited to 12 participants and it's expected participants attend every day. Participants are organised into groups based on their wing loading and canopy type, with the aim of keeping the same groups for the camp. Attendance at the safety briefing is mandatory. You'll need the basic understanding of canopy inputs from a previous canopy course. Wing loadings are critical and depend on the level of each camp. You'll need good situational awareness and discipline to follow flight paths and execute safe break offs, separation, and landing orders.
Flocking 2024
Flocking in the clouds at Tully
Cam Puttee
Flocking together at Mission
Cam Puttee
A precision sunset angle
Cam Puttee
A tight angle led by Connor
Cam Puttee

Angle camps

The focus of the camp is to build skills in small groups to achieve safe disciplined angle jumps. Groups will be created accordingly using skill level and goals. We are aiming for six jumps per day.
Angles 2024

Wingsuit camps

Our booster wings five-day wingsuit camp with the best coaches available including the likes of Arvid Endler, Woody, Tahi, Scotty P and Debler. Please commit to six jumps per day. The coaches are keen. We have the fastest plane in Australia and the cheapest jump tickets. We will pump as many loads as you want all day.
Wingsuit 2024
Scotty leading us newbies
Mick Hardy
Deblar turns for home
Mick Hardy
Chasing the plane -
Mick Hardy
Alex edited a video for us
Booster Wings 2023
Alex Newton
Boags demonstrates the vortex
Cam Puttee
Right on target on Dunk Island
Cam Puttee

Canopy courses

Learn to fly your wing with confidence. These courses are aimed at beginner to intermediate canopy pilots and is the perfect first canopy course for those looking to understand the essentials of canopy flight. They are also open for those who have done a course before and want to refine their skills. Gain confidence under your wing with an in-depth knowledge of flight controls. Fly safe, predictable patterns and practise better flare technique for soft and accurate landings. We primarily do hop n pops with all landings videoed for debriefing. In air exercises are used to understand the range of all your control inputs.
Canopy 2024

CRW camps

Far North Freefall skydive club host a CRW camp each year for all levels, beginner to advanced. Cameron 'Coops' Cooper and Tommaso 'T' Liccioli-Watson are a few of the awesome coaches we've used at these events. If you've never done CRW before, then come give it a go. If you've got CRW experience, then come join the fun over the stunning north Queensland tropics. If the weather plays the game we may even do jumps onto Mission Beach and Dunk Island, so get your display licence up to date. Slots are limited so get in quick!
CRW 2024
A CRW crest at Tully
Steve Fitchett
A beautiful stack
Steve Fitchett
Patiently waiting to dock on a stack -
Steve Fitchett
Paddy from All Beef supporting our CRW camps
Cam Puttee
CRW Boogie 2022
All Beef Productions
Boogies and events
16-ways over Dunk Island
Michael Young
Formated loads in Tully
Michael Young

Aussie Bigways on the beach

Following on from last year's successful camp we are going bigger and better this year. Come and join us for five days of coaching from the legendary AB to take us through skills from eight ways to bigways and beyond. Escape the southern winter and enjoy stunning beach jumps in the tropics.
ABW 2024
The stunning Family Group of islands -
Spot Images
Dawn and Chris from Narcisstic Productions
Michael Young
Bigways on the Beach 2023
Narcissistic Productions

Tight Ass boogie

This is our premier annual boogie where the coaches are lined up to send it. A week of jumping your ass off in the tropical weather of North Queensland. Anything and everything goes. You name it, and we'll make it happen. We have upwards of a hundred on deck with coaches for every discipline, two of the fastest aircraft in Australia, the cheapest jumps in Australia, tropical weather and great vibes. Check All Beef's boogie video. It's smoking.
Tight Ass 2024
Some vertical action
Cam Puttee
Running angles with Josh
Cam Puttee
Joining the group -
Cam Puttee
Paddy from All Beef a key player for Tight Ass magic
Cam Puttee
Tight Ass 2022
All Beef Productions
A stunning day
Cam Puttee
Now that's living
Cam Puttee


Far North Freefall Skydive Club hosts their annual cay boogie, which culminates with skydives on Mission Beach, Dunk Island and Taylor Cay out on the Great Barrier Reef. Put the date in your calendar and get your attendance up to secure a jumping slot, as this event will be limited. You'll need a D licence and display general to attend. Slots will be allocated to everyone who registered in order of jump numbers at our dropzone in the previous twelve months from the close of registrations. Check All Beef's cay video. It's next level.
Cay 2024
Taylor Cay perfection -
Cam Puttee
Paddy from All Beef onboard for every Cay
Cam Puttee
Special Cay 2021
All Beef Productions

State championships

The state championships are hosted every second year at Far North Freefall and in South Queensland on alternate years. Competition is one of the most enjoyable aspects of skydiving and is still alive and well across the country and around the world. Jumping in a team and competing is the fastest way to progress your skills no matter which discipline you compete in. Far North Freefall are fortunate to have two competitors from Whitefish who represented Australia at the 2023 World Cup in Norway and call Far North Freefall their home. Spinny Things are a local AA team who represented Far North Freefall at the 2020 Nationals in Nagambie and again at the Virtual Nationals held here in Tully.
States 2024
Spinny Things at the Nationals in Nagambie
Greg Puttick
Whitefish at the World Cup in Norway
Spot Images
Spoils of competition -
Mick Hardy
Spinny Things ready for Virtual Nationals round one
Tim Kolln
Spinny Things at the Virtual Nationals
Mick Hardy
Coaches and instructors
Packing at Castaways
Cam Puttee
Packing with help at Mission Beach
Cam Puttee

Packer B courses

We run packer B courses whenever we have enough candidates who need the rating. This course is a requirement for both the coach and instructor ratings and is usually completed fairly early in a skydiver's career. A Packer B rating is needed in order to pack student rigs, and to teach others how to pack. The course runs through extensive detail about gear and gear maintenance. It usually takes one day.
Packer B 2024

Coach training courses

The coach rating allows you to teach our novices how to safely skydive with other jumpers. It generally requires two or three days.
Coach training 2024
Coaching starts on the ground
Levels, breathe, opposites, don't reach
Steve Fitchett
A lesson on securing equipment
Anna Mueller
Wade nailing that barrel roll
Vera Kukuk

Instructor training courses

The AFF Instructor Course is run over nine days of intense study and practise. Before you come to the course you will need to have prepared yourself with the necessary background knowledge and freefall skills. For most candidates the course does not allow enough free time to catch up on study that should have been done before the course started.
Instructor training 2024
Mick's stage seven dive exit -
Wade Atkinson
Mick's stage eight dive exit on Zak's exam jump
Mark Whaley
Mick takes Zak for a Stage eight exam jump
Zak Tilling


We are super fortunate to be sponsored by the most progressive names in our industry. Performance Aviation in conjunction with Skydive Australia provide us with the best skydiving aircraft in Australia and two when we need them. Most of the fleet are Cessna Turbo Prop Grand Caravans. We take 17 jumpers to 14,000' in about 12 minutes.
Thank you Performance Aviation!Thank you Skydive Australia!
VH-BCR after a morning rainstorm
All aboard. Mind the gap.
On the taxi way
Arriving for another load

Our dropzone facilities

Far North Queensland is a tropical paradise, boasting the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree, and the majestic Great Barrier Reef. This region offers an array of experiences, from the thrill of white-water rafting to the tranquillity of hot air ballooning over the Atherton Tablelands. You can immerse yourselves in Indigenous culture, explore the vibrant marine life, or relax on the pristine beaches. With its rich biodiversity and welcoming communities, Far North Queensland is a must-visit destination for you and your family, especially if you love nature. Allow an extra week or two off dropzone to discover the magic of the tropics and create memories to last a lifetime.  It's not just about the skydiving.
Murry Falls is a half hour south of Tullly
Mick Hardy
Mission Beach is a half hour east of Tullly
Spot Images
Murry Falls has family friendly rock slides
Mick Hardy
Local tropical wild life can be stunning
Mick Hardy
Wallaman Falls is a day trip from Tully, a few hours south
Mick Hardy
Respect our locals
Mick Hardy
Dunk Island is a short ferry from Mission Beach
Mick Hardy
The trip to the base at Wallaman is quick
Mick Hardy
Our kitchen bench recomissioned for wet weather fun
Ewan Cowie
Our private swimming hole is a stroll from the camping area
Mick Hardy
You all should know where the carton bell lives
Our private swimming hole needs a beer or two
Mick Hardy
Our packing area is under cover and recently insulated
Our private beach and a relaxing AGM afternoon
Brett Wright
  • Licensed bar
    We have a well stocked bar where you can grab a beer or shout a carton to celebrate achievements. There is no cafe.
  • Soft drinks and snacks
    Manifest sell a limited range of snacks, ice creams and soft drinks. Tully is a five-minute drive with cafes, takeaway, bakeries, pubs and the RSL available. Mission Beach is thirty minutes and has nicer restaurants and accommodation options.
  • Far North Freefall merchandise
    Manifest stock a range of club branded jerseys, hats, buffs and stubby coolers.
  • We accept card, cash or bank transfer
    The bar and manifest both have EFTPOS available
  • Spacious campground
    Our campground is located directly across the road. Camping is not permitted around the buildings.
  • Bathroom and showers
    We're a club run holy by volunteers. Ensure you leave the bathrooms cleaner than you found them.
  • Full kitchen
    Fridge, freezer, stove, microwave, huge workbench, toaster, plates, cutlery and mugs. Please clean up after yourselves.
  • Nespresso coffee machine
    Coffee pods are available at manifest for $1. Feel free to supply your own.
  • Powered sites for large events
    At smaller events, you can use power during the day and then move across the road to camp overnight. $15 per day.
  • Debrief room
    Transfer your footage to our NAS drive with dedicated computers and custom software to watch on the TVs.
  • Undercover carpeted packing area
    We have enough room for one full load and plenty of shady grassed areas.
  • Full mobile service but no WIFI
    WIFI is not available. We need all our limited bandwidth to run manifest.
  • Swimming hole
    A short path from the camping area leads to our very own private swimming hole. Stunning!
  • Mission Beach and the Family Islands
    The spectacular Mission Beach is a thirty-minute drive and a highlight of North Queensland. Dunk island has a ferry service.
  • Waterfalls, mountains, creeks, and walks
    A short drive will uncover Murray Falls, Alligator's Nest, and Tully gorge. Ask a local for advice.

Meet the committee

These are the legends who keep you in the sky. They all work hard behind the scenes and deserve a little love.
  • Wade

    AFF Instructor, DZSO, Course Trainer, Packer B, Freefly Crest HD, Freefly Crest HU, Certificate F, Star Crest
  • Mark

    Vice President
    AFF Instructor, Certificate F, CRW Crest, Certificate B Coach, Packer B, Display Pro, Star Crest, Jump Pilot Authorisation
  • Mick

    AFF Instructor, Tandem, DZSO, Course Trainer, Display Organiser, CRW Crest, Packer B, Display Pro, Wingsuit Crest, Star Crest
  • Anna

    AFF Instructor, Display General, Wingsuit Crest, Certificate E, Certificate B Coach, Packer B, CRW Crest, Star Crest
  • Valérie

    Novice Coordinator
    AFF Instructor, DZSO, Course Trainer, Display Pro, Certificate E, Packer A, Star Crest
  • Kaaja

    Social Media Manager
    Certificate B Coach, Packer B, Freefly Crest HU, Display General, Certificate E, Star Crest

Our chief Instructor

The APF Senior Instructor Rating is the highest instructor qualification available. Chief Instructors administer clubs and centres throughout the country and have considerable influence on APF policy through their involvement in various conferences and other legislative meetings. The ultimate responsibility for safety rests on the shoulders of Chief Instructors.
  • Jules

    Chief Instructor
    APF Senior Instructor and Examiner, Canopy Coach, Canopy Piloting Coach, Skydive Events Co-ordinator, Private Pilot

Our generous sponsors

We owe each and every one of these companies a huge thank you for supporting our club over the years. Please return the favour by favouring and promoting them.