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Meet the committee

These are the legends who keep you in the sky. They all work hard behind the scenes and deserve a little love.
  • Wade

    AFF Instructor, DZSO, Course Trainer, Packer B, Freefly Crest HD, Freefly Crest HU, Certificate F, Star Crest
  • Mark

    Vice President
    AFF Instructor, Certificate F, CRW Crest, Certificate B Coach, Packer B, Display Pro, Star Crest, Jump Pilot Authorisation
  • Mick

    AFF Instructor, Tandem, DZSO, Course Trainer, Display Organiser, CRW Crest, Packer B, Display Pro, Wingsuit Crest, Star Crest
  • Anna

    AFF Instructor, Display General, Wingsuit Crest, Certificate E, Certificate B Coach, Packer B, CRW Crest, Star Crest
  • Valérie

    Novice Coordinator
    AFF Instructor, DZSO, Course Trainer, Display Pro, Certificate E, Packer A, Star Crest
  • Kaaja

    Social Media Manager
    Certificate B Coach, Packer B, Freefly Crest HU, Display General, Certificate E, Star Crest