Chilling at Castaways after jumping into Mission Beach
Potter running angles at Tully
Cam Puttee

Your induction

Our club relies on dedicated volunteers. We greatly value your assistance in streamlining our processes to ensure your safe and swift transition through manifest and into the air.
I need help with my induction tasks
Follow the simple tasks outlined here and you'll be in the sky before you know it. The more you do before you arrive, the smoother your experience will be. The choice is yours.

Experienced jumpers

Complete these easy tasks
Complete your 2024 club membership
Cheaper jumps, free camping, and a jersey.
Complete your Burble profile
This is manifest. Please register before you arrive.
Sign our terms and conditions
In your APF profile, sign Far North Freefall's waiver.
Cloud manual
Read our summary. Complete the questionnaire.
Gear check form
Print both pages. Complete the first page.
Top up your account
Add money to your jump account.
Dream lines on Dunk Island
Cam Puttee
Smaller groups in the beginning
Cam Puttee
Level one is five or less
Cam Puttee

Jumper guidelines

We have specific guidelines all jumpers need to understand prior to participating in specific types of skydives. The unique geography and mountainous terrain of the Tully dropzone increases the risks for all types of movement jumps. Far North Freefall has developed these guidelines to minimise the chance of undesired outcomes particularly during angle flying.
The guidelines should be thoroughly understood prior to arrival if you are wanting to participate in angle and tracking jumps.
These guidelines have been developed over many years by extremely experienced locals and visiting coaches. They're written to keep you and others on the load safe. We're not restricting your freedom.
Our angle progression table has two levels for both belly and back flying. If you're not signed off, you need to be assessed or approved by one or our angle coaches regardless of who you are. The better you are, the more you'll agree with this. If you haven't been signed off for level one, you're restricted to three ways. Level one can jump with groups of five or less. You need a level two before we can manifest you on anything larger than a five way. Please respect our progression criteria. We find those who whinge the loudest, are overconfident and lack the skills to justify their complaints.
If you disagree with anything, talk to us.
Far North Freefall Angle ProgressionAPF Freefly and Angles Guide
Far North Freefall maintains high standards when it comes to equipment. All equipment used at Far North Freefall must be freefly friendly and adhere to our gear standards regardless of the type of descents undertaken.
Our Gear Standards
Level two for five or more
Cam Puttee
Level two for larger groups
Cam Puttee

Member pricing

Far North Freefall is one of the few remaining genuine skydiving clubs in Australia. It's run by volunteers who love the sport just like you. This is how we keep out prices low.
Pricing is subject to change and this chart may not reflect the latest pricing at the dropzone.

Member pricing

Club membership includes discounted jump tickets
  • Dropzone fees$0
    Your club membership covers dropzone fees
  • Jump tickets$35
    Our members receive discounted jump tickets
  • Hospitality contribution$60
    Shouting drinks at the bar for legendary achievements
  • Power for your van$15
    We have 15 amp power available during our larger events

Non-member pricing

Support the club for discounted jump tickets
  • Dropzone fees (per day)$10
    Non-members pay a daily rate for day-to-day operational costs
  • Jump tickets$45
    Jump tickets are full price for non-members
Boag's leading the guru's
Mark Whaley
Helen helping out with a smoke flare
Cam Puttee

Help with your induction tasks

If you can check in on Burble, your position in the queue has improved. You can skip this section.
Most of you can click the links in the induction section and work it all out as you go. We're aware a few of you lack the ninja skills required to complete our induction without suffering a few annoying potholes along the way. This section is all about helping as best we can with explanations, short video tutorials and any further assistance you may require.
You can always reach out and ask for help.
Waiting until you get to the dropzone will only work on quiet days provided you score our lovely patient manifest staff. If we are busy or I'm running the show, fronting manifest with tickets from back in the day and asking us what Burble is, will cause a nervous eye twitch. You'll be requested to step aside while we sort out the people who have completed their homework.
There really is no excuse. Start now.
These guys can help
Cam Puttee
Complete your 2024 club membership
Support Far North Freefall by joining up for the year. It's hands down the best skydiving community in North Queensland.
Club membership at Far North Freefall is valid for the calendar year. Joining in December covers the rest of 2024 and all of the following year. Membership gives you access to free camping without any dropzone fees, cheaper jumps and an awesome club jersey.
Jump to the pricing section for details on your membership savings.
There are two parts to membership, complete the form and pay. Many skydivers complete one and not the other.
Open the 2024 membership form.Pay for membership in our store.
You can also pay using bank transfer. Please include your last name and membership as reference. Many skydivers use no reference and pay with a partner's or company account or use a nickname. Don't be that person. We're too busy.
$100 - Club membership for 2024.
Commonwealth Bank
Far North Freefall
BSB: 633 000
Account: 167 742 568
Install the BurbleMe App
Burble is the name of the software we use to run the dropzone. It's how we work out who gets to go skydiving and whether they have enough money in their account to jump. BurbleMe is the app on your phone, which lets you see your own profile, what loads you're on, your account balance and your transaction history.
You don't need your phone to go skydiving, but it makes everything way easier. You do need a Burble account. You can create one from within the app on your phone or by using the website linked below. Select Participant and then create your account. We need you to complete your emergency contact, their number and your weight along with the standard profile information. It's chasing your normal weight with clothes after breakfast without gear.
You need a Burble account to jump at Far North Freefall.
It's not currently possible to link your account to Far North Freefall using the website. You need your phone app to do this. We can import the account you created on the website, but you'll need access to your email to approve our import. It's easier to use your phone.
Valérie made a helper video
Cam Puttee
Watch a short video about BurbleMe
Valérie Schmied
Sign our APF club terms and conditions
You need to sign the APF terms and conditions for every dropzone you jump at. It needs to be renewed in June every year. This is mandatory. We can't sign it for you.
Australian Parachute Federation user profile
Open your profile on the APF website. Scroll down until you see terms and conditions. Expand it. Select Queensland Clubs. Choose FARNTH - Far North Queensland. Give your signature a good shot. You can reset and try again if it looks like a Picasso. Now accept the terms and conditions and we're good to go.
 The easiest way to present this for us is by using the APF app, which gives a read only summary of all your APF credentials, waivers, and licences. We highly recommend downloading the APF app so you can whip out your phone, show us your signed terms and conditions and we can tick the box.
Cloud manual
It's perfectly fine and within the rules to jump through clouds at Far North Freefall. We are surrounded by mountains, so the rules are more stringent for us. It's still safe to do so provided the cloud base is well above the mountains. You'll need to read up on our rules so we're all on the same page. Please don't gloss over this. It's important.
You need a B-licence or higher to jump through clouds, so this isn't for novices.
We don't expect you to read our entire cloud manual. It's long. We do expect you to read the summary and achieve full marks in the short questionnaire.
Cloud manual summaryCloud manual questionnaire
Did you get full marks? You need full marks. We need full marks. Sit it again. You also need to sign a form when you get to the dropzone where we'll check your response and ensure you achieved full marks.
Cloud manual full version
Gear check form
Our gear check form is comprehensive. We don't mess around with safety, and you shouldn't either.
The serviceability of your gear affects everyone.
We have gear forms at manifest so don't stress if you don't have access to a printer. We prefer duplex if you do.
Complete the first page of this form. We'll double check it all, but we won't start if you haven't filled it in. It'll take a while so get started. You need your reserve in date with card signed, your AAD in date, and a compatibility card. The most common issue we see is a loose closing loop partly caused by our tropical weather, but mostly because they were too long to start with. If we can hold your flaps closed with two fingers and remove and replace your pin, it's abysmal. We get this a lot. We've also seen misrouted Skyhooks. Please know and understand your gear.
Do not present gear for a gear check if it's not ready to jump.
Far North Freefall's Gear Check Form
Far North Freefall maintains high standards when it comes to equipment. All equipment used at Far North Freefall must be freefly friendly and adhere to our gear standards regardless of the type of descents undertaken.
Our Gear Standards
Top up your account
You can check your account balance in the Burble app and top it up if required. Ensuring you have money on your account before arriving at the dropzone is one less thing manifest needs to do for you. This means we can start filling planes and be in the sky a little faster. If everyone does this, it all adds up to a more streamlined efficient manifest. We prefer larger amounts as it's less work in the backend and gives you the illusion of having money to burn so you do more jumps. Win, win for all!
Head to our store and buy some tickets
Please note Burble and the store are not yet linked. It requires manual processing and may take a while to appear in the Burble app. Let us know if you get to the dropzone and it hasn't yet been added. It means we haven't gotten to it, but we can process it on site.
You can also add funds at manifest. We have full eftpos available.
The Add Money button inside the Burble app doesn't work in Australia.
A common problem at the dropzone is forgotten passwords. People forget their APF password and can't sign their waiver. People forget their email password so they can't reset their APF password. People forget their Burble password. It requires symbols and lower and upper case. How am I supposed to remember all that? Sometimes it makes you change the password. Sometimes the new password doesn't work. Sometimes they forget the new password as soon as they've entered it. Burble doesn't give very good error messages, so you don't know a period isn't a symbol.
This is a real issue. Not because it causes a few hiccups at the dropzone while we muscle through a solution and disrupt everyone's day. The issue is how on earth people in this digital age are surviving without a password manager. It blows my mind and truly concerns me the number of skydivers in this predicament.
Please use BitWarden to manage your passwords
Start now, start today.
BitWarden is an open source, peer reviewed completely free software package available on every platform. The idea is you create an account with one master password and use this to create long random passwords for every single website or app you interact with. Never, ever use the same password on multiple websites. You will be hacked and have your identity stolen. It's only a matter of time.
Security experts generally recommend the use of a pass phrase for a master password. Three or more non-related words. Something you can remember but no-one can guess, "i-love-skydiving" is bad. "sly-connected-gown" is good.
If you forget your master password, that's it. There is no backdoor. All your passwords are smoked. Your memory is not secure. You need to write it down and store it securely.
Don't store it online or on your phone.
This is my APF password, "G%h7RgEA5rnbC%"
This is my Burble password, "Q$*Bru!Xt^JV2E"
This is how I generate them.
BitWarden's password generator
We are planning to write a little guide for this. As soon as it's finished, all of Far North Freefall's systems will require the use of a password manager.